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Christmas Dates Revision - Last Order and Posting Dates for FudgieChunks

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Well, we never thought it would happen to us.

It has.

Reader, it has.

Royal Mail have slowly started showing signs of pressure for our deliveries, and we have noticed one or two parcels taking a little longer to get to their new homes than normal. The majority are still next day arrival, but we have had some take 4 days, despite being first class and signed for.

So to be on the safe side, we have revised our Christmas dates. For orders for the day, we recommend ordering between the 14th – 15th of December, which is the Monday – Tuesday of December.  Last orders will be taken Tuesday, 15th December. Last posting day will be Thursday, 17th December. Last cooking day will be Wednesday, 16th December.

So, let’s have a run-down:

To eat your fudge when you get it:

Order any time from now – 15th

To put under the tree:

To make it easy, we've launched a FudgieChunks Christmas box Pre-buy

Order between Monday, 14th-Tuesday, 15th


Last orders:

Tuesday, 15th December for new flavours

Wednesday, 16th December for mix bags of anything we have left over from orders specified on the website and social media (we will make a bit extra, but the amount is unknown so please do not rely on mix bags)

Our last posting date: Thursday, 17th December for all and any orders.

Some of you have asked about using other couriers. For now, we are only using Royal Mail, and so we would not want to introduce a new courier this close to crunch time. We’ve also see some pretty bad tales of parcels being pinched, which we would hate to have happen. So, for now, Royal Mail it is. We’re based in West Wales and whilst we do have a good range of courier companies to choose from, there are not many we have experienced good things with so we don’t want to risk it before Christmas.


You can prebuy a FudgieChunks Christmas box here to be posted on Thursday, 17th December

We will be begin posting orders again, subject to any Royal Mail changes, on Tuesday, 29th December.  Again, Royal Mail will not collect or delivery on January 1st, so please keep this in mind when ordering.


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