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There are a lot of fudges out there, so what makes ours special?

Well, us. For a start. It's true that you won't find fudge made how we make it anywhere else. It's exclusive to FudgieChunks.

Secondly, unlike a lot of fudge makers out there who might just add chocolate to condensed milk – our fudge is actual fudge. It isn’t made in the microwave, it isn’t put in the fridge overnight, it isn’t just a very thick ganache. It’s real, proper butter fudge.

No shade to those who do use condensed milk of course, it can be really tasty. It’s just a very different beast to our product in almost every single way. That’s one of the reasons why most of our fudge is different shades of its natural brown and not red, or pink, or green. It has a very different working time and speed compared to condensed milk fudge, and is a lot less forgiving. It demands precision.

Our fudge is made to a secret, special recipe that we have perfected ourselves over the last 3 years. It took a long time, a lot of trials, and a lot of batches to get to what we are happy to send out. It uses the three Kings of proper fudge – real milk, real butter and real sugar. As foodies, there were certain elements we wanted to try and attack. One was authentic fudge, and another was that the last piece should taste as strongly as the first piece. So many things you buy these days promise such delicious flavours, but they weaken so quickly. We always try to make sure our fudge is exactly what we describe it as.

We’ve worked very hard on every single step of the entire process, from recipe to measuring to method and to texture. For us, we aim to get the fudge as smooth on the tongue as possible, but with a bit of bit around the edges. Every single batch of fudge that we make is unique, and lots can vary. If the humidity is different, or the weather is a bit off, the time of the day, the time we spend cooling or mixing or pouring – it all has a unique impact on making fudge. That’s why we love it so much.

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