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Give the Gift of Fudge & a Christmas Update!

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It's definitely coming closer now, which means in just a blink, Christmas will be done and dusted for yet another year.

Let's not steam ahead though, there's plenty to enjoy and plenty to come.

So we thought we would remind you that the last day for ordering will be Tuesday, 15th of December. We will then be releasing, if we have any fudge left, a limited and quantified amount of mixed bags for purchase on Wednesday, the 16th of December only.

Once they're gone, then that will be us for this side of Christmas.

We will be posting all orders on Thursday, 17th of December so that this gives Royal Mail a good chance to get them all to you well within time of the big day. Their last posting day is the 21st, and with the awkward timing of the weekend between, it's definitely better to be safe than sorry.

You might have looked at our pre-order for Give the Gift of fudge, so we wanted to breakdown a little about what to expect for this masterpiece of confection perfection.

It comes within a grey mailing bag, and within that, the box is fully wrapped so it can simply be taken from the polybag and put right under the tree, or at the end of the bed, or wherever you plan on gifting it.

It just needs to be kept at room temperature, and stored in a dry and cool place. No fridge or freezer.

The box will be wrapped in one of two Christmas wraps with Christmas trimmings. Inside this, will be some Christmas-themed packages of 4 flavours, 1 per bag, and these will be nestled within their lovely, comfy straw bedding.

We really wanted to be able to offer something easy and hassle-free, so that you could simply purchase, and it comes ready to rock and roll.

Once we have hit the 17th, we won't be taking any further orders for Christmas delivery. Royal Mail are likely to get much more pressured, and we don't want to add to that and risk anybody not getting their fudge parcels in time. That's not how we roll.

During the brief break though, we won't be putting our pans away. We have at least 3 new flavours being launched in January, and we may have one or two other little surprises coming, so watch this space.

Our next delivery day will be the first day after the holidays, so this is likely to be the 4th of January which is the Monday after New Year's Day. Any orders made between the 17th and the 3rd of January will be posted then, so please do keep this in mind.

It's definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas, that's for sure!


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