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How Long does Fudge Last for? Christmas Planning for 2020?

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We can ignore it no longer - Christmas is on the way.

Permission to scream grant..oh, you're already screaming. Ok, we'll join in.

If you are thinking about buying someone some of our delicious Welsh dairy fudge for Christmas, then firstly, well done you. You're one of the chosen ones.

Also, great choice.

Also, you look fabulous today.

Secondly, you might be thinking of when the best time to buy it could be. Now, when someone places an order, we start making that order same day or day after. Then we will package and send typically around working day 3 or 4.

Every batch of fudge we make is dated with the making date. We then advise that the fudge is best eaten within 3 weeks from that date. For example, if you bought fudge that we made on November the 1st, we would recommend eating it before November the 22nd.

Now, this does not mean the fudge will explode if not eaten by November the 23rd, It just means that around this time, assuming it is unsealed, it may start to dry out a little and be a bit more sugary on the tongue. If it is still sealed, then this will happen a lot (and we mean A LOT) slower.  We did extensive tests on this before we went live. Fudge lasts for ages and ages, it just changes in its texture. We ate our test fudge after a month, two months and even three months and ongoing. We're dead hard, you see?

We aim to have our fudge nice and smooth without any grain, but some of our customers have told us they leave a few pieces to age specifically to get that grainy texture a bit more. As a side note, we don't use anything artificial to extend its shelf-life or make it act unnaturally. We just add the cool. Yes, we are cool. Admit it.

Planning-wise, we aim to be posting right up until the last posting days of Royal Mail. At time of writing, this looks to be the 21st of December which is fantastic because that means the fudge will be at its best for stockings or presents under the tree.

However, given the way we live has changed a bit and given this time is busy anyway, you might not want to leave it that late to make sure nothing arrives after the holidays. If in doubt, do feel free to check in with us.

Closer to the time, because let's face it, it is still only November, we will be offering Christmas packaging for all orders. More details on this will be coming, but it means that the fudge and box will have Christmas extras to make it possible to be a present under the tree right away. Easy if you're buying for someone from a distance.

Of course, you will also be able to add any handwritten gift message to your order for free. Simply let us know in the notes at checkout.

So watch this space...Christmas is coming and FudgieChunks will help you make it a great time!

If you want to taste our fudge first, or buy some before the big day for absolutely no reason other than being a proper boss, then take a browse below :)


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