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Is Fudge bad for you? FudgieChunks Thoughts

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As we were checking ourselves out on Google, because we do that quite a lot, we noticed one of the suggested topics to fall down the rabbit hole was about whether or not fudge could be considered healthy. Even…shock horror…is it dangerous full stop?

Now we all know the internet is never wrong about things, but this did seem a little bit over the top. Dare we say it, nonsense?

Of course, if we look at fudge as a product, it contains milk, sugar and butter. Two of those things are dairy, which will raise a lot of questions all on their own. Sugar is practically outlawed in some neighbourhoods, and everyone eats lettuce.

However, there seems to be some dissonance and disconnect between what the theory says versus what people actually do. For example, according to Statista.com, in the UK alone, 415 enterprises (1 of which is us, holla) manufacture cocoa, sugar, and confectionery. Together these enterprises generate a revenue of 3.9 billion British pounds.  There’s lots of caveats to contextualise that, but generally, people eat chocolate, fudge, sugary things like cakes and they enjoy them. They just don't shout about it. We've all known that person who puts a post on Instagram of a green smoothie, that you know went out for a massive pizza sesh the night before.

Which to us, is important. Not to get all sad and morbid, but life is short. Even if you do everything right, drink water, sleep 10 hours a night, eat beans and fart rainbows, nobody gets out of this thing alive. So it comes down to that old boring saying of moderation is key.

For us personally, we may eat fudge once a day for a pudding, save a bag for the weekend with a film, add some FudgieChunks Fudge to a cake mix, or melt it down for a sauce with some ice cream. We have lovely customers who buy from us weekly for their treat, who buy enough to see them through a bag a day on a weekly basis, and some who tell us they buy a monthly amount, freeze it and then enjoy it slowly.

There’s good and bad things to all foods. For example, too much tinned tuna can cause problematic mercury levels (weird choice to use given we’re vegetarian, but you know…go with it). Too much cinnamon can cause liver toxicity and rather unflattering viral videos of people attempting to eat a spoonful in the Cinnamon challenge. Too many nutmegs and the walls close in. Nothing is without risk really, but poor old fudge gets a bad rep. Why? Simple, because it’s so tasty, and anything so tasty must be bad and naughty and wicked and all those nice words.

So in conclusion, because we need to get cooking and our tea cup has managed to become empty (horrendous), fudge is something to enjoy in moderation and to your own levels. Of course we would say that, given we sell fudge for a living, but it’s true for most things. A little bit of what you fancy and all that.

Got to the end of that? Well done. Have a look at our online fudge shop as a treat. Go on. You deserve it.

Until the next time, friends!


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