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It’s a Bit of a Mixed Bag at FudgieChunks.

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It is indeed a bit of a mixed bag, but a few of you have asked us what these are all about, and we had a cup of tea and a chocolate bar next to us – so let’s have a look together shallst we?

Mixed bags, or as we call them, Taster Mix Bags, are a bit of a thing here at FudgieChunks – the Home of Proper Welsh Butter Fudge. We get lots and lots of orders all week, and throughout the week, the orders might be for the same flavour, or we might get a variety of flavours.

We never want to compromise so we make a certain amount each time someone orders because we know it’s really good like that. However, on some occasions, this can mean that due to how the order choices have worked out overall, we have a little bit left of this flavour and a little bit left of that flavour, and it’s either just enough for a little 125g bag, or it wouldn’t make the minimum size.

Rather than it go to waste, and Reader, at FudgieChunks, nothing goes to waste; we offer the odds and ends in our Taster Mix Bag assortments. Let’s think of an example… take this weekend – the 6th-8th of November. We had a little left of Chocolate Mint, a little left of Original Pure and a little left of the Peanut Butter fudges (regular and chocolate). Not quite enough for a small bag of one flavour, but combined, we had enough.

This is where the Taster Mix Bags come in. When someone orders this, the fudge is still extremely fresh – made that day, or the day before – but they will receive a few chunks of the different flavours we have left over from the orders. It’s always fresh, because we only know what we have for the bags after we have made the orders of course. It’s just not one flavour in the bag.

If we know we will have extra, we get it on the website right away - often before we've started making, so it's piping fresh.

One huge advantage of this is obvious though. It lets you, the customer, the dude, the reason we do this, try several flavours all in one go. An example bag may have one chunk of Chocolate Mint fudge, one chunk of Salted Caramel fudge, two chunks of Vanilla fudge and then another chunk of Digestive fudge. All of our bags are sold by weight, and so the number of chunks can vary, but the flavours are whatever we have going spare.

Another great advantage of purchasing a Taster Mix Bag is that you can get it really quickly. As the fudge is extra to that current batch of orders, it’s ready to go. It’s fresh remember, in some cases it may have been made minutes before we put it on the website under the Current Specials tab, but it’s done. That means you make the next posting day and get your fudge nice and fast.

Of course, there has to be a small downside and that is availability. Whether Taster Mix Bags are available or not, depends on the number of orders we have received, and what the variety and combinations of flavours happen to be. Sometimes we simply do not have any available, and sometimes we have a fair few. That’s another exciting part of the FudgieChunks way of life.

It also means that your order needs to contain flavours available in the Taster Mix Bag if you want to get it on the next posting day. You might not be that bothered though, in which case adding another flavour into your order is completely fine – it just means you might wait three days instead of two to get your items for example as we need to make the other flavour.

When we do have these Taster Mix Bags, we will always have them on the website – both as a product in its own right and under our Current Specials tab so that they can be easily found. They typically will also be there before our posting days, which tend to be Monday and Friday so that we can make sure you catch the next one coming up. After all, we want you to be enjoying your FudgieChunks fudge as fast as possible from when we make it fresh and piping.

That’s our Taster Mix Bags in a nutshell. They are simply the extras from orders we have already fulfilled that don’t quite make enough for a small bag, but would if they are combined together. So, that’s what we like to do to make sure every single chunk of FudgieChunks fudge ends up in someone’s belly. It’s the FudgieChunks’ way.

Now, here’s the test. Only joking. We’re not going to test you, we have cheese on toast aspirations and our fingers are getting cold from not stirring fudge.

Here’s the online fudge shop if you would like to have a gander. Whatever you order, it’s tasty and delicious Welsh fudge made with rich butter and luxurious milk to make indulging dairy fudge as it should taste. Fudge as it should be. That’s our motto, well one of them.

Will you become a FudgieChunk today? We very much hope so. Thanks for reading.


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