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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

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It’s beginning to look like that time of the year where you can go around stating unfounded claims about Batman’s body odour, or how the Three Kings used to go about in a taxi and a car…

Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and at FudgieChunks, that can only mean one thing. Every more beautiful delicious, luxury, gourmet fudge. How’s those adjectives for ya?

Now you might be starting a little early, or if our Instagram is anything to go by, a little late, but we just wanted to let you know what an order from FudgieChunks looks like so that you can decide whether it might be something that you would like to send to someone for a Christmas present, or indeed a gift just for you. That is allowed as well.

We package our fudge in biodegradable bags, and seal them to make sure that the freshness of the fudge is maintained for as long as possible. All of our fudge is made to order, apart from our Taster Mix bags which may arise an and when from making a bit too much, and so when we package our fudge, we want to make sure it reaches you as good as it left us.

Then, we pack our cardboard boxes with wooden straw that's environmentally-sourced. This gives it a lovely feel as well as helping to protect the fudge from any break-dancing posties. Plus, it smells great when you open the box and it is easy to dispose of without hurting the environment of course. You might even want to re-use it in a gift hamper or a craft project you have going on at the time.

Then we seal up the cardboard box with a thank you note, and we get it ready for the journey from us to you. When it comes to Christmas, we will be getting into the festive spirit as well, so this brings you a few options to add in to your order. More on that coming soon!

You could also get the fudge order sent to yourself, so that you could then wrap and do all the nice bits to the packaging to give to someone else. Or, if you want to send it directly to the gift recipient, we can do that as well. We offer free hand-written gift messaging on all of our orders, just let us know in the notes when you come to check-out your order. That way, the person will receive the items you have chosen for them as well as a little note from you to them.

Now, let’s talk about dates. On all of our fudge orders, we recommend a working eating life of around 3 weeks from when the fudge is made. Fudge, in itself, is not a foodstuff that goes off easily and nor does it perish. If stored in a cool, dry place, fudge can last for months. You can also freeze it, but be warned…water changes it a little bit and so you may find the fudge – whilst still perfectly nice – is a little grainier or harder than if it had never met the freezer. Nothing will happen if you eat it at 3 weeks plus 1 day. Hair won't grow in places it shouldn't, and you won't suddenly grow a third eye. It just starts getting drier and a bit more sugary as time goes on.

We’ve also got the last posting dates of the Royal Mail to contend with of course. Now, as of time of writing, the official dates are not known, but they tend to be around the week before the big day itself. If so, then you would be fine to order along with their recommendations, but they are likely to be a bit busier with it being Christmas and all of the impact of Covid-19, so please do keep that in mind. Obviously the closer to that date the better, but we would recommend giving it a day or so extra perhaps for delays due to the service in case.

Once the fudge leaves it, it is in the hands of Royal Mail of course, but there should be plenty of wiggle room. We don’t add anything that might go off before the fudge does; which is a bonus.

If in doubt about anything to do with your potential order, please do get in touch with us. We are more than happy to advise when you might want to time it, or if you want to check ingredients for example. Another bonus is that fudge does not go off as we might understand it. We tested this and it takes months before you would see anything even remotely visible.

What happens is that the fudge slowly dries out and the sugar starts to crystallise. This becomes a much grainer product, and more akin to Scottish tablet in taste, tone and texture. It should still be perfectly fine to eat, just a little crumblier and sugary on the tongue when you have it. When it is no longer fine to eat, you can definitely tell that from how it looks. 

So, to sum up and make the reason for wearing this monacle a valid one, as a gift, fudge could be perfect. Remember, we can send to you or send on your behalf. We'll be adding a few Christmas touches so check back nearer the time!


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