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It's February and we all know what that means!

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Yes, it’s the month of love at last. Although it is still very cold, and a little bit snowy, and everyone is still miserable (apparently), here at FudgieChunks HQ, we’ve released some lovely, new flavours that should fill hearts with joy and bellies with happiness.

We may have had too much caffeine today. We can only apologise.

So let’s take a look at what we have in store for this month. Our first new flavour is Chocolate Raspberry fudge. This is a rich chocolate fudge with a hint of raspberry fruit tones, with some pink chocolate because why not?

Secondly, we have our White Chocolate Shortbread fudge. Smooth white chocolate runs through the fudge to make it ever so creamy, whilst the crunchy biscuit gives a hint of bite with a strawberry tint merging it all into one delicious mouthful.

Thirdly, we see the return of our Dark Chocolate Cherry. This one is a rich chocolate with a note of cherry goodness. It’s like a Black Forest but not as sour and without any alcohol. It’s very delicious.

February also sees the release of a brand new product here at FudgieChunks, the Home of Proper Butter fudge. We are proud to announce our Fudgeaways have landed. These are two trays of tasty fudge, mixed either with chocolate mini rolls covered in hazelnut chocolate spread, topped with our Original Pure fudge, a layer of Belgian milk chocolate and some roughly chopped almonds. Or, you may prefer the Peanut Butter covered chocolate wafer version, adored with little chocolate buttons of Belgian milk chocolate and Belgian white chocolate.

You can choose to have a set of two of one flavour, or to have one of each. The trays are almost 5 inches by 6 inches, and it comes in at just over a kilo of fudge! The perfect way to finish off a takeaway is with a fudgeaway.

Yes, we came up with that just then. Don’t judge.

Finally, we have brought in a prebuy gift box for Valentine’s Day, since it seems to be the month for it. In this delightful box, there are 3 x 200g of our month’s special flavours as above. They can be sent to your Valentine, or to yourself of course,  and we will make them all in one big batch ready to ship out for the day itself. It’s super easy to treat someone for  Valentine’s Day now. No excuses!

Unless you don’t want to, in which case, fine.

So that’s our monthly round-up for February. We heart it.

Yep. Too much caffeine.

Oh well. Cup of tea time.



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