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Last dates for Valentine’s Day

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It seems like it hasn’t been that long since Christmas, but here we are and it’s Valentine’s Day so now, let’s take a look at our Valentine’s Day Gift boxes.

In these boxes, there are 3 bags of 200g fudges – with our three special flavours here for the month of love only.

That’s 200g of:

Dark Chocolate Cherry fudge

White Chocolate and Strawberry Shortbread fudge

Chocolicious Raspberry fudge

To make a grand total of at least 600g. It will come wrapped in our lovely, brown tissue paper, complete in the box ready to gift or to be opened and put with any other gifts you might have got for your someone special.

Or, if you’re your someone special, treat yourself!

It’s perfect for Valentine’s, Galentine’s, Palentine’s – or just because you fancy having some fudge delivered to you in time for the romantic weekend.

Whatever the reason, simply click here to browse and shop.

The last date for delivery for Valentine’s Day (Royal Mail depending), is Tuesday, the 9th of February.

Thanks for checking this out and we’ll see you again in the next one.


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