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Planning a Christmas Hamper or Gift Basket? FudgieChunks can Help!

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It's that time of year where the hampers come out, everything is in gold or silver and there are more round things flying about than a changing rooms at the rugby.

So, you've decided that this year, you're going to put a little gift basket together for your family or friends, people at work, Secret Santa or because you want to treat yourself several times over. Why not?

Today, we have launched our FudgieChunks Fudge for Hampers and Gift Baskets. In this nifty little product, you can order 8 x 125g bags of fudge, where each bag will have two flavours in it. So you could order 8 bags of Vanilla and Crunchy Peanut Butter fudge or you could order 8 bags of Rich Chocolate and Original Pure fudge.

They come in festive Christmas packaging so once you receive them, they can go from box to hamper in a second, ready for you to do the rest that you want to do.

If you need more than 8, or fewer bags for your plans, do get in touch or please consider buying bags of one flavour instead from any in the Online Fudge Shop. This particular choice will be enough to have at least one bag per hamper or gift basket for 8 people, or you could double-up and give the lucky recipient two bags in their Christmas box.

PLEASE (look, we used capitals and bolded it so it must be important), remember that we recommend best eating to be within 3 weeks of the making date which will show on the product's label. We start making same day or next day from your order. Royal Mail will get increasingly busier also, so please keep all this in mind when you plan your hampers.

You need to allow time for you ordering, time for us making, time for it to be delivered to you and then boom - you've got your bags ready to divvy up. 


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