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Things are getting Tasty up in here!

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It's been two days since we closed the shop for orders, and so far, we've made another 10 batches of fudge for family and friends, and now we're making some today for ourselves.

Not sure we're doing this 'break' thing right!

We, you might have noticed, have also decided to use this holiday to revamp the website and might we say, it's looking pretty fine.

There will be a few more tweaks to this and our packaging coming for 2021. Our fudge is so delicious, luxurious and gourmet, and now our website and packaging will be too.

So watch this space!

We'll also be adding products back to the website for pre-ordering, for when we start delivering in January once more.

It's an exciting time of growth for FudgieChunks, that's for sure! 


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