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We've refined and revamped some of our flavours!

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We've revamped and refined some of the flavours you love, but with improvements. We are always remaking and redoing our flavours so that when we send it out to you, it is the best we can possibly make. If it doesn't pass quality control, it doesn't leave FudgieChunks HQ.  Don't worry, nothing gets wasted - we eat it. It's a hard life sometimes.

We've made some really great improvements in our Dark Chocolate Cherry, Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Lime and Cookies and Cream fudges. 

Our favourite at the moment is the chocolate lime - that'll take hairs off your chest. In a nice way, of course. 

Do take a look and see what you think. Lots more new flavours coming over the Autumn and Winter period! It's the best time of the year. Oh yes.


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