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What are Random Mix Bags at FudgieChunks Fudge all about?

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On occasion, there can be a bit more fudge than planned that is made by our fudge makers. So, rather than it go to waste (don’t worry, that NEVER happens around here), it goes on the site in the form of a Random Mix Bag.

Typically, at times, there isn’t enough extra left over once all the orders are fulfilled, to make an actual portion, but it can contribute to an overall portion when we add it with some other flavours. For example, we’ve got a few chunks of Banoffee fudge, a few of Vanilla and a few of Rich Chocolate fudge. Not enough to make a small bag of any one individual flavour, but if combined, there would be enough to make a bag of mixed flavours.

That’s what they are.

From FudgieChunks Fudge’s point of view, it means we can get this perfectly good fudge off to its new home, and from your point of view, it is a fantastic way to be able to try a few different flavours in one bag. That way, you can see what you like, what you didn’t like, and next time you order, you’ll have a better understanding of what you would like a big bag of.

Plus, sometimes it’s nice to get a bit of a surprise. Whilst we try to list any flavours in the Random Mix Bag listing here, there are often others like tester flavours, or last-minute additions that we can put in as well. All the ingredients are on the bags as per normal, but as the bags are random, it can be a nice moment to not be quite sure what you’re going to get, until you get it. The ratios are random, if we have more of one flavour than another for example, but there's always a decent mix. Remember, if we wouldn't like it or eat it, we don't send it. Ever.

The fudge is always just as fresh as it would be if it had been ordered in just that single flavour. Typically, the extra is from orders of that one flavour, where there are just a couple of chunks excess to requirements. They can also be fun to try and make new combinations – Banoffee and Chocolate Mint Aero, anyone?

They’re not available all the time, but when they are ready and waiting to go, they will show on site with the next postage day marked so that you can plan for when they will be sent. We do that, because we usually know ahead of time that we will have more than we need. However, it’s always a changing situation, so if you see a Random Mix bag listing with a date, and you’re tempted, get your fingers working quickly. They go extremely fast, and once gone, because it is limited stock from the excess, they’re gone until we make more again.


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