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What can you do with FudgieChunks fudge?

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Actually, maybe the question should be what can't you do?


So, sometimes when we are testing out new flavours, and they don't quite meet the QA standard, we keep them for ourselves so we can keep working on what we can improve the next time.

We can get quite inventive with our FudgieChunks chunks! You can melt them down for a lovely, rich fudge sauce or you can freeze them for later. We don't recommend freezing, because over time, the quality of the fudge can decrease as the ice and sugar react to one another. If you want to though, you can.

We add them to our fruit smoothies in the morning, to give a bit of a naughty zing and we mix them with Greek yoghurt to make fudge ice-cream. We did that with our Chocolate Orange flavour and...Good. God. It was immensely good.

You can even melt it down and take it to toffee. Then you can begin again with the melting for a deeper, flavoured sauce.

You can add it into baking, such as apple crumbles, brownies, biscuits, cakes and more.

So you see, when you buy FudgieChunks fudge, you're not just buying fudge to eat right away (our favourite way of using them), you could be buying something to eat later, and something to boost another recipe as an ingredient.

Pretty super! If you do do anything with your delicious FudgieChunks fudge, please do tag us in. We would love to see the results.


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