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What kind of packaging do we use here at FudgieChunks Fudge?

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It's something we are always looking at here at FudgieChunks Fudge, because we like to try and remove as much plastic as possible from our entire fudge-making process where we can, and because it's fun to try new things and see what works and what could be better.

Currently we have landed on two options, and whichever we use can depend on a few different factors, so it can often be a nice surprise as to what your fudge comes in.

Option 1 - For some of our fudges, we like to put them in a clear, stand-up cellophane bag. These are heat-sealed and see-through. The cellophane is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Option 2 - Kraft stand-up pouch. These are made from paper on the outside, and wax on the inside. This can make them a bit trickier to biodegrade, but they can be recycled.

So there are plus and minus aspects to both of the options we currently use, but we continue to look for options that will give us the absolute best of all worlds without compromising the tasty fudge of course. Rest assured, whichever you receive your delicious FudgieChunks Fudge in, it will get to you in perfect condition.

Do you have a preference or suggestion for us to look into for future packaging? Let us know in the comments!


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