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What makes FudgieChunks Fudge so Good?

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Now there is certainly a lot to choose from out there when it comes to sweet treats via the post. You’ve got your brownies, your cupcakes, your big cakes, your cakes that don’t even look like cakes, your fudge, your chocolate, your biscuits; your macarons…the list goes on.

Quite frankly, there’s definitely a place in our bellies for all of them, but we’re fudge makers and fudge is our number one recommendation.

So, as you browse this varied and delicious selection, you might wonder to yourself what our arm routine is, how many pieces of fudge we can make into a tower (46) and whether or not FudgieChunks fudge is the fudge for you.

It is.

However, if you need a bit more than that, then we can provide some sound and well-thought out reasoning that would get us an A* in almost any lesson in any class of any school of any town.

Our first reason is…it’s actual fudge!

There are many, many, many, many, many versions of fudge out there, but how close it is to fudge is debatable. Fudge, traditionally, has just three ingredients in to make pure and delicious fudge. It has a liquid, a type of sugar and a fat. The ratios and recipes have lots of variations, but for real fudge, you need these three things if you are really going to call it classic, traditional fudge.

So what variations are there? Let’s be clear (now, we’ve turned into Boris, crikey), we are not saying any of these are bad. Quite the opposite, they probably taste completely lovely, it’s just not necessarily what you expect when having a product called fudge.

One ingredient you often will find is marshmallow or marshmallow fluff. This adds sweetness and makes the fudge more likely to set and be smooth. It helps when the technique, which is hard, is a little off or if you are not quite sure you can make it set. As it is fluff, it often has an ingredient in it to inhibit sugar crystallisation – the enemy of all fudge makers. So marshmallow can often make things just a little easier and be more forgiving if you muck things up.

Another might be chocolate. Again, it helps with setting and texture because chocolate is solid at room temperature. This makes it just a little more likely to set and be able to be cut into squares. Now chocolate and fudge most definitely make a brilliant combination. It’s just when it is used as a vital component, rather than an extra enhancer that it could question just how fudge-like, the product is.

One abomination however, is chocolate and icing sugar. This <claps> is <claps> not <claps> fudge <claps>. We don’t know what that is really. It will taste super-duper of course, if not too sweet, but it is not fudge. We’re happy to take this outside one on one with the great one.

Quick note, if you have to put it into the fridge; it is not fudge. If you have to use a microwave, it is not fudge.

Another one we have seen on our travels is chocolate and condensed milk. Now, many, many fudge makers use condensed milk. In fact, it is often the default one to go for and most makers tend to use this first. It allows more working time, meaning you can make more colours and patterns in your fudge, you have more flexibility with moulds and shapes, and it has sugar in it, so with the fats of the chocolate, you technically do fulfil the fudge conditions. In fact, all of these could be argued to do that with the ingredients of the chocolate, particularly milk chocolate. However, just mixed by themselves, chocolate and condensed milk is more like a thick-set ganache. Again, perfectly tasty and nice, but not what we’re after.

Then you get your funfair fudge, or fudge that you might buy in the supermarket for 50p or £1. These will have the triple conditions no doubt, they will also have a lot of extras in that might not even make it to the label, that inhibit crystallisation or enhance the flavourings. It is normally quite dry, quite hard and dusty and although some people may prefer that, it’s definitely a mass-made product.

With fudge, you get what you buy.

This brings us nicely onto FudgieChunks, how handy! All of our small-batch fudge is made with the traditional conditions and methods. It actually takes a lot of time to learn how to see fudge as it is cooking, to know when to do this and when to do that. Get it wrong, and it’s ruined. That’s why a lot of people will use some of the ingredients above to help out.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but we feel for a gourmet fudge, or a luxury artisan fudge, it needs to be as true to its purity as possible and the extra flavour and ingredients added to enhance, rather than make up for poor method.

When you place an order, the pans get started. Your order, unless you have ordered a mixed bag from extras, has been made specifically for you. It’s fresh, in fact one of our quickest turnarounds has been fudge made at 1am, posted at 9am and it arrived 9am the next day. We love that. Every single batch is painstakingly given attention from start to finish, and then once it is ready, it is packaged into our little parcels of joy and sent to you as quickly as possible.

We heartily recommend trying FudgieChunks fudge. Please check out our links in the bottom left of this screen for Customer Testimonials, FAQs and our Plant a Tree scheme. We plant a tree for every kilo sold, and the forest is beginning to take a great shape to it. We’d love for you to be part of that with us.

Become a FudgieChunk today. Once you’ve tasted fudge as it should be, you’ll see exactly what we mean.



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