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When to Buy FudgieChunks Fudge for Christmas?

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As if there isn’t enough pressure this year, what with all the changes, all the changes to come and having to think about how to get presents to those you want to gift for Christmas. So, we thought we would make it a bit easier in any little way we can.


  • We recommend our fudge to be eaten within 3 weeks of being made.
  • We make it as soon as possible once you order, same day or day after.
  • We package and post it as soon as possible after it is made.  We only post during Monday – Friday.
  • You receive it as fast as Royal Mail can deliver it.

When you get your FudgieChunks fudge, you will see that it has a date on the label to show when it was made. That's when the 3 weeks recommendation started.


If you want the fudge to be enjoyed on Christmas day itself, we would recommend purchasing it as close to the last postage day as possible. This is so it will be as fresh as possible for the big day. With a little bit of room to allow for Royal Mail being busy, we would recommend for you to order with us by:

  • The earliest: Monday, the 7th of December (please note, the fudge will be 18 days old maximum by Christmas Day)
  • The latest: Wednesday, the 16th of December (Revised due to delays starting to be seen with First Class Royal Mail)
  • The Ideal: Between Monday, the 14th of December - Wednesday, the 16th of December

This will give us time to make your order, for the fudge to set and be packaged and then posted. Please do not wait until after the 19th, as the fudge won't be ready in time for last posting, or for any Royal Mail pressures. If ordering is left this late, we cannot guarantee it will be delivered before Christmas as we have no impact on Royal Mail. 


If buying for someone to enjoy before Christmas, or during the run-up, then treat as a normal order. Obviously you can’t control when someone eats a gift, otherwise we’d be King of the WORLD…but most people tend to eat our bags of joy on the same night so there should be no issue at all. Of course, if they choose to wait and the fudge gets older and older, then that's their decision. Quite frankly, that level of self-control is terrifying.


You can:

  • Freeze fudge if extremely well wrapped so the wetness doesn’t contact the fudge
  • Put it in an empty sweets tin or food container with a lid
  • Keep it cool and dry

You cannot:

  • Put it in the fridge unless you want to risk it going grainy. Sugar and moisture do not mix well, and even if covered, the fresh wet air will decay the fudge quickly


Not sure that's possible, BUT, the great news is that it is really easy to use up fudge, whether it be FudgieChunks fudge because you’re the coolest person ever, or some other fudge you might have laying about, because you can:

  • Melt it into a sauce to top ice-cream, cakes or drink (don’t judge)
  • Chop it up and add into ice-cream or blend it into smoothies
  • Add it into cake or brownie batter to make a proper fudge cake

The options are endless, and you can do all of these if the fudge has gone a little bit too gritty to eat on its own because it has been left for ages. Who are those people with this super-power?


With fudge, the enemies are air and moisture. As soon as the bag is opened after we have packed it and sent it, both of these will start on the fudge. The bag itself also contains air of course, but the sealing slows down their impact. So, once the fudge is exposed to air and moisture, the sugar starts to react and the fudge starts to naturally dry out.

Sugar always wants to return to its original state – big crystals. As the air and moisture contact the fudge, the sugar starts to do this very thing. That crystallisation then starts running through the fudge in a knock-on effect, so the fudge starts getting grainer throughout. The crystals continue getting bigger, and that means you can then start to feel the sugar crystals on your tongue because of their size. So the fudge, whilst still perfectly edible, gets grittier and more sugary.

The longer you can keep fudge away from air and moisture, the slower this process will be.

Please do note, we have our serious faces on now, we recommend the 3 weeks but it is always best as close to making as possible. Now some people leave it purposely so it dries out and gets that gritty texture because they prefer it, which is fine if that’s what you want of course.

Thank you for coming to our Christmas FudgieChunks talk. Now, shall we browse our Online Fudge Shop?

Time for a cuppa and a piece of FudgieChunks fudge, we thinks.


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