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Why Fudge?

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It’s something that we used to get asked a lot, especially when we first started out. Why fudge?

The reason?  It’s simple. Fudge is probably one of the most misunderstood confectionery treats out there.

Sure, you can go to the supermarket today and buy a box of fudge for hardly any money. However, when you look in the ingredients, it’s clear that they have added tons of things in there to make it appear like fudge. It’s tasty, sure. Is it the best you can get? No. That’s really always the trade-off when it comes to buying foods at places like Tesco, or Asda or Morrisons or Lidl. You pay a cheap to moderate price typically for something of that same kind of quality.

One thing's for sure, you always get your money's worth. If you buy £1 fudge, you're getting £1 fudge.

Now of course, low prices are great, because everyone likes the best food for the cheapest price, but we wanted to offer the real deal. The real deal takes patience, time, skill and of course, taste development.

Much like specialists of all sorts of foodstuffs, whether it be breads or pizzas, chocolate or cake, the kind of fudge we make is something you can’t buy in a supermarket. It’s our own recipe for one, something we are extremely proud of and something that has, and continues to take, years to perfect and improve upon.

Secondly, there are no short cuts when it’s a specialist product. Every step of making proper fudge takes time, and that time matters. Get it wrong by a few minutes here or there and the batch is ruined. There's no large machinery, no auto-methods and no cutting corners. We also don't add cheat ingredients to make up for poor technique. We've taken the time to learn the authentic skills and knowledge required to make true fudge.

Thirdly, the taste is genuinely what fudge should taste like. If you have the coloured kind of fudge that has lots of things added to it, it’s often chocolate and condensed milk. This is more like a thick ganache than a proper true fudge really. The chocolate helps achieve a fudge-like texture even with poor technique and method.  It’s still tasty, but not really the authentic ideal in our eyes and it behaves very differently.

This is often why you’ll see various colour combinations and finishes and moulded shapes, because it’s a very different beast to genuine fudge which means you can do a lot more with it without compromising the end product. It's also why you might see people say making fudge is easy. It probably is, when you make a facsimile of it that forgives bad technique or lack of knowledge. It's just not real fudge.

Much like a value loaf of bread to a bakery, supermarket fudge compared to specialist fudge is often similar in taste – sufficient enough you can think it is the same thing – but there is a huge difference. With FudgieChunks fudge, we use the minimum ingredients possible to get the maximum taste and texture. Our methods and recipe have taken almost 3 years at this point to get to where they are now, and we continue to research our products, and our own skills, to continually improve upon everything of our business and fudge.

So when someone asks us now, why fudge? It’s still simple to answer. It’s because proper fudge needs to be experienced, and we’re able to spread that message far and wide with our FudgieChunks fudge.

Thanks for taking the time to read our musings.


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