Welcome to FudgieChunks Fudge. The home of proper butter fudge.

About FudgieChunks Fudge

Based in the beautiful landscape of Pembrokeshire in West Wales, FudgieChunks Fudge has one simple aim, and that is to bring proper butter fudge to the masses.

We make gourmet-level butter fudge at accessible prices so that everyone can experience fudge the way it should be. We find once people have tasted true fudge, they never go back to the other stuff. It truly is a life-changing experience to try freshly-made fudge for the first time. It simply cannot be beaten.

Using as few ingredients as possible in each recipe, FudgieChunks fudge all contain real milk and real butter. Made by foodies, for foodies, the FudgieChunks Fudge recipe took over 2 years to perfect until it went live for sale. It had to be the best possible fudge, and our customers consistently tell us; it is. 

Each flavour goes through rigorous testing and tasting to make sure it is the best it can be when we offer it in our shop. Every recipe is consistently made over and over to make sure they remain at the very top of their game. The focus on improvement never stops. We make fudge every single day.

We also constantly try out new flavours and ideas because the creation never stops. From liquid centres, to strong flavours, to brand new ideas - there's always something new to enjoy.

Our one rule? If we wouldn't eat it, we don't make it.

So that's FudgieChunks in a nutshell. No gimmicks, no fuss - just good, wholesome quality artisan gourmet fudge made fresh and delivered to your door.

Once you try it, you'll never go back!

So why not try it? FudgieChunks - the Home of Proper Welsh Butter Fudge.