Welcome to FudgieChunks Fudge. The home of proper butter fudge.

Covid-19 Policy

Throughout Covid-19, FudgieChunks has, and will continue, to operate at full steam. Measures have been taken to ensure we can continue to offer our products to you. Our HQ is a completely closed environment without external visitors, and all safety procedures equipment and PPE are in place to protect ourselves and you.

We use Royal Mail for our deliveries. Currently we have experienced no delays or problems in any region that we send to within the UK. Whilst we do not envisage any issues, we would raise awareness of the potential occurrence, given these times of changing rules, Tiers and Fire/Circuit Breaks. All of our items are sent signed for with tracking.

It's very much business as usual at FudgieChunks. Of course, things change a lot these days with Covid-19 amid all of the rules and regulations. However, we aim to bring you a moment of joy and a small space of the internet where things are pleasurable and nice for a little moment or so.